Older Pedestrian Fatalities in New Jersey, 1999-2000

Source: Center for Health Statistics at The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

"The population aged 65 years and older has the highest pedestrian mortality rates. [The authors] examined incidents (ICD-10 codes V03, 04, 09) in which older adults (65+) were fatally struck by a motor vehicle in New Jersey in 1999 and 2000. [Their] objective was to determine whether there are demographic or geographical characteristics associated with risk. Data on fatalities came from the Multiple Cause of Death files and New Jersey death certificates. Data on municipality characteristics were obtained from 2000 Census. Medical Examiner narratives provided additional information about the circumstances of the incidents. Decedents' residential address and location of incident were geocoded, and distance calculations were performed in ArcView 8.2. Results show significant association between risk of injury and age, gender, marital status, and population density of municipality. The GIS analysis suggest that older adults are at greatest risk of being struck by a motor vehicle when they are in close proximity to their home, especially within one mile. Older victims of pedestrian fatalities were disproportionately likely to be unmarried males aged 75 years old or older, living in municipalities with above average population density, and walking within one mile of their residence. These findings suggest that preventive programs target these at risk populations and include all pedestrian trips."

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