Pennsylvania's Traffic Calming Handbook

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

"'Pennsylvania's Traffic Calming Handbook' provides guidance for PennDOT when considering the use of traffic calming measures on State roadways in Pennsylvania. To be effective, local PennDOT Engineering Districts may need to make modifications to the study and approval process presented in this Handbook to better reflect local conditions. The Handbook is also intended to provide municipalities with information that can help them establish a traffic calming program for roadways within their jurisdiction. In doing so, local municipalities may also need to modify the study and approval process to better reflect the conditions of their community.

"This handbook is designed to supplement existing design policies and procedures and is not intended to replace or supersede any current requirements. For any project that involves State or Federal money, or Liquid Fuels funds, the processes outlined in PennDOT's Design Manual Part 1 and 1A must be followed."

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