The Effect of Crosswalk Markings on Vehicle Speeds in Maryland, Virginia, and Arizona

Source: Federal Highway Administration

"A before/after evaluation of pedestrian crosswalk markings was performed in Maryland, Virginia, and Arizona. Six sites that had been recently resurfaced were selected. All sites were at uncontrolled intersections with a speed limit of 56 km/h (35 mi/h). Before data were collected after the centerline and edgeline delineation was installed but before the crosswalk was installed. After data were collected after the crosswalk markings were installed. Speed data were collected under three conditions: no pedestrian present, pedestrian looking, and pedestrian not looking. All pedestrian conditions involved a staged pedestrian. The results indicate a slight reduction at most, but not all, of the sites. Overall, there was a significant reduction in speed under both the no pedestrian and the pedestrian not looking conditions. It appears that crosswalk markings make drivers on relatively low-speed arterials more cautious and more aware of pedestrians."

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