Pedestrian Crash Types: A 1990's Informational Guide

Source: Federal Highway Administration

This pedestrian crash type informational guide is a supplement to a research report entitled, "Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Types of the Early 1990s." The pupose of the research was to apply the basic NHTSA pedestrian and bicyclist typologies to a sample of recent crashes and to refine and update the crash type distributions with particular attention to roadway and locational factors. Five thousand pedestrian and 3,000 bicycl-motor vehicle crashes were coded in a population-based sample drawn from the States of California, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Utah. The pedestrian-moto vehicle crash types distributed as: Special circumstances 2.6 percents, Vehicle spcific - 9.1 percent, Diabled/Emergency vehicle-related - 2.4 percent, Working/Playing in roadway - 3.0 percent, Walking along road/Crossing expressway - 7.9 percent. This particular informational guide provides detail on specific pedestrian-motor vehicle crash types (e.g. intersection dash) through two-page layouts that contain a sketch, description, and summary of the crash type, various graphs, and "bullet" infomation boxes. A similar information guide, "Bicycle Crash Types: A 1990's Informational Guide," is available for bicycle-motor vehicle crashes.

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