Universal Helmet Law: The Interaction Between Law, Enforcement, and Culture on Level of Use


Although the universal bicycle helmet law went into effect in Israel in October 2007, there have been a few attempts to amend it so adults will only have to wear helmets while cycling in inter-urban roads, during competitions and while engaging in sport-related activities on bike trails. The main arguments that have been raised against the universal helmets law are: 1. Legislation regarding the mandatory usage of helmets discourages a large portion of the population from cycling. 2. Despite the increasing use of bicycles in the past few years there has been a dramatic decrease in the rate of cyclists' injuries. 3. Most of the cyclists' injuries occur while they ride in inter-urban roads in rural areas. While the discussion about the necessity of the helmet wearing law in the political sphere is still at its peak, it was deemed necessary to ascertain the actual public opinion on this issue.

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