Transport Policy in Perspective: 2010

Source: Japan Research Center for Transport Policy

The Japan Research Center for Transport Policy was founded in 1971. Since then, the Center (a private non-profit organization involving transportation specialists and researchers active in universities, private industry, government, and local governments) has been carrying out interdisciplinary academic research focused on transport policies for roads
and motor vehicles, and providing educational activities and proposing policies regarding a comprehensive transport system that will contribute to the beneficial development of Japanese society. It has been formally certified as a Public Interest Incorporated Association under the new organization reform act.

Every year since the year 2000, with the full support of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Japan Research Center for Transport Policy has published "Research on Automobiles and Transport - Environment and Policy" annually, a booklet giving a general view of the trends in policy and research concerning motor vehicles and road traffic in Japan.

This is a translation of major parts of the booklet with additional introduction.
The original work was completed mainly for Japanese interested in transport policies. Bearing in mind that the amount of information in English concerning transport policy of Japan in limited, this booklet summarizes the current problems and policies in Japan and other countries concerning transport, focusing mainly on Japan, and provides some basic statistical
data. We intend this booklet to provide comprehensive information that will be useful for those interested in the transport policy of Japan. We hope that this booklet will be effectively used for a wide range of educational, research, and policy study activities in many nations.

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