Pedestrians and Cyclists on Major Roads

Various Aspects Regarding Construction, Maintenance and Management Costs
Source: Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)

The aim of this project has been to review various aspects regarding construction, maintenance, management and costs for pedestrian and cyclist solutions on major roads, with or without central barrier, where the permitted speed limit is between 70 and 90km/h.

The background material for this report is based on available literature information and from existing solution examples for pedestrians and cyclists on major roads with or without a central barrier. The solutions for pedestrians and cyclists studied are either integral or adjacent cycle lanes.

In-depth studies of issues such as the planning process, actual pedestrian and cyclist facility costs, and funding, will increase the possibility to produce attractive and cost-effective facilities for pedestrians and cyclists along these types of roads.

The report is presented in both Swedish and English.

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