Evaluating the Use of Crowdsourcing as a Data Collection Method for Bicycle Performance Measures and Identification of Facility Improvement Needs

Source: Oregon Department of Transportation

This research developed a smartphone application called ORcycle to collect cyclists' routes, users, and comfort levels. ORcycle combines GPS revealed route data collection with new questionnaires that try to elicit cyclists' attitudes as well as comfort levels and factors that influence their perceived comfort and route choice. The new questionnaires were developed to better understand how cyclists' comfort levels are affected by route characteristics, route stressors, safety reports, cyclists' demographics, and cyclists' cycling attitude. Preliminary results show that many trip characteristics, route choice factors, route stressors and demographic variables are correlated with comfort levels. ORcycle is the first statewide deployment of a smartphone application to collect bicycle specific safety and crash data in addition to travel and comfort data. Potential applications that can take advantage of the ORcycle data include: comfort and route models, prioritization of network improvements, and crash and injury risk models.

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