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Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Toolbox: Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Source: San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission
This document describes accessible pedestrian signals (ASPs), which supplement pedestrian signal indications with audible and/or vibrotactile information. For each pedestrian or bicycle safety tool,
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Community Toolbox

Source: The National Park Service
The National Park Service's Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program helps communities work together to improve their special places. They've produced the Community Toolbox, a set of techniques for project development and community participation.
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Roadway Connectivity

Source: Victoria Transport Policy Institute
This chapter describes how improved roadway connectivity can reduce vehicle travel. The document details how to implementation connected streets and lists benefits, costs, case studies, and their impacts on travel and equity.
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How Land Use and Transportation Systems Impact Public Health

Source: Active Community Environtments (ACES)
This review discusses how urban form affects public health, specifically through the ways in which the built environment encourages or discourages physical activity levels.
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Bike Walk Virginia

Source: Bike Walk Virginia
BikeWalk Virginia is an educational nonprofit organization that conducts advocacy, education, and training programs.
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Walk the Walk

Source: Transportation Alternatives
Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) identifies dangerous intersections, streets and walking zones of particular use to seniors, and aims to transform them into places that are safe and enjoyable for seniors.
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Sacramento, CA: Pedestrian Safety Guidelines

Source: City of Sacramento
These guidelines focus on street crossing treatments at controlled and uncontrolled intersections, discussing tools such as pavement marking and signal options and giving attention to roadway design.
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Back-in/Head-out Angle Parking

Source: NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates
This report briefly discusses the design and benefits of back-in/head-out angle parking and shows where the design has already been implemented.
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Coalition for Appropriate Transportation (CAT)

Source: Coalition for Appropriate Transportation
Coalition for Appropriate Transportation, an educational charity, works to improve mobility and to educate about safe pedestrian access, bicycling, public transportation, and trail systems. The site contains news,
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Conservation Law Foundation

Source: Conservation Law Foundation
This site contains news updates, research publications, an events calendar, legislative action opportunities, and specific fact sheets on smart growth in New England.
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