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Kirkland's Experience with In-Pavement Flashing Lights at Crosswalks

Source: City of Kirkland
This paper describes Kirkland's experience with flashing crosswalks, including how the system works and how it is installed, effectiveness, response from the public and application criteria.
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Improving Pedestrian Access to Transit

Source: WalkBoston
This paper illustrates key steps that activists can take to ensure that mass transit supports community needs and creates livable communities through improved pedestrian access.
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In the Dark: Seeing Bikes at Night

Source: Access
This paper looks at the difficulty in seeing bicyclists at night and ways to improve visibility. It discusses clothing patterns, perceived speed, and ways to make bicycling at night safer.
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Increasing Physical Activity Through Community Design

Source: National Center for Biking & Walking
This guide describes how to help create places for people to walk and bicycle.
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Source: Government of Western Australia
TravelSmart is a successful Western Australian community-based program that encourages people to use alternatives to travelling in their private car. An overview of the community-led program is available for download on the site in PDF.
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Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety, Inc. (PEDS)

Source: Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety, Inc. (PEDS)
PEDS is a member-based advocacy organization dedicated to making metro Atlanta safe and accessible for all pedestrians. The website includes volunteer opportunities, basic facts, news updates, and resources on the Atlanta-
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Walking and Bicycling Suitability Assessment Project

Source: WABSA Project
A user-friendly tool designed to assess the suitability of local streets for walking and bicycling.
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Is it Safe to Walk? Neighborhood Safety and Security Conditions and Their Effects on Walking

Source: Journal of Planning Literature
This article focuses on a particular environmental variable, the safety of neighborhood surroundings, and explores how it is influencing physical activity. This resource can be purchased through the Sage Journals Online,
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PlannersWeb - Planning Commissioners Journal

Source: Planning Commissioners Journal
This website offers a variety of resources for non-professional citizen planners.
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Downtown Streets

Source: Transportation Research Board
This paper provides a comparison of one-way versus two-way street systems for downtowns and presents an evaluation methodology for considering two-way conversion.
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