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San Diego, CA: Planning and Designing for Pedestrians

Source: SANDAG, San Diego's Regional Planning Agency
These guidelines provide an extremely thorough look at how to plan and design for the pedestrian.
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Overcoming Opposition to Bicycling, Walking and Trail Development

Source: National Bicycle and Pedestrian Clearinghouse
This report focuses on ways to create trails in communities with localized resistance to the construction.
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New York City Department of Transportation: Bicyclists

Source: New York City Department of Transportation
These pages provide safety tips for bicyclists, bicycle maps and information on how to apply for bike racks.
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Portland, OR: Pedestrian Master Plan

Source: City of Portland
The Master Plan outlines an action plan to achieve the city's pedestrian-oriented goals. To identify needed improvements, the plan used a rigorous identification process, including several opportunities for public input.
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Oregon Department of Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

Source: State of Oregon
This site provides infomation for local residents in addition to a variety of resources adaptable to general users, including design guides and standard drawings.
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Madison, WI: Pedestrian Transportation Plan

Source: City of Madison
This plan dedicates a significant section to the history and importance of pedestrian planning, as well as "thinking like a pedestrian."
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Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists

Source: Bicycle Transportation Alliance
This book is a collection of information about bicyclists and the law in Oregon.
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Chapel Hill, NC: Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan

Source: Town of Chapel Hill
This is a concise, general plan that provides a foundation for future pedestrian planning.
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Oakland, CA: Pedestrian Master Plan

Source: City of Oakland
The plan is a fine example of how to examine census information and pedestrian collision data, showing graphs on speed, location, time of day, age, etc.
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Cambridge, MA: Pedestrian Plan

Source: City of Cambridge
This is a beautiful and creative plan that addresses safety and walkability. It begins with general pedestrian issues and then moves on to specific action in Cambridge.
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