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Arlington County Bus Stop Assessment

Source: Florida Department of Transportation
Tool included in the 2003 Florida Department of Transportation study, Safer Stops for Vulnerable Customers, used to assess bus stop locations, surroundings landing areas, connections, amenities, seating,
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Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center; Context Sensitive Solutions
City leaders wanted to make it easier for people to visit the Indianapolis's cultural districts, which were disconnected from the heart of downtown and didn't get the attention they merited. In a city with a successful linear park and trail system,
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Universal Design Audit Checklist

Source: Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access
Tool developed by the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access to assess the design of a facility for universal access.
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An Evaluation of High-Visibility Crosswalk Treatment

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
The overall objective was to evaluate the effect of a novel illuminated overhead crosswalk sign and high-visibility ladder style crosswalk markings on driver and pedestrian behavior at nonsignalized intersections in Clearwater,
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Source: Highway Safety Research Center
Explores the recent developments in hardware and other technologies offering the potential of improving pedestrian safety and access by addressing specific problems associated with crossing the street.
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Regulatory Negotiation Committee on Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas

Source: United States Access Board
Evaluates requirements for access to outdoor facilities and those listed under Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).
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Healthy Aging Research Network Environmental Audit Tool and Protocol

Source: Healthy Aging Network
Tool developed by the Healthy Aging Network to quantitatively and qualitatively assess community-scale and street-scale factors associated with physical activity in older adults.
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Community Toolbox

Source: National Park Service
The Community Toolbox is a set of techniques for project development and community participation. There are tools to get organized and aid with events, outreach, publicity, decision making, and more.
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Bicycle Transportation for Energy Conservation

Source: United States Department of Transportation
Link to content? This report was submitted to the Congress following the requirements of Section 682 of the National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1978 that a study be completed to "determine the institutional,
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Stepping Out

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
This web page will tell you how to maintain your safety while walking - whether you are walking for exercise or to run errands.
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