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Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide

Source: FHWA
This Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide outlines planning considerations for separated bike lanes (also sometimes called "cycle tracks" or "protected bike lanes") and provides a menu of design optionscovering typical one and two-
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Guidebook for Mitigating Fixed-Route Bus-and-Pedestrian Collisions

Source: Transportation Research Board (TRB)
This document is designed to help assist transit agencies and community members in identifying preventative or remedial strategies for reducing the frequency and severity of bus-and-pedestrian collisions.
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Understanding Interactions between Drivers and Pedestrian Features at Signalized Intersections

Source: USF Center for Urban Transportation Research
This project aimed to explore driver behaviors at signalized intersections with four identified pedestrian features by using an innovative safety data source, the SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study (
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Bicycles and Motorcycles

Source: Transportation Research Board (TRB)
This document explores bicycle level of service, bicycling demand, bicyclist intersection safety index, bicycle safety, motorcycle training effectiveness, motorcycle ownership and usage, and mobility patterns of motorcycle and moped riders.
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Case Studies in Delivering Safe, Comfortable, and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks (Volume I)

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA, UNC Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC)
This report provides an overview of pedestrian and bicycle network principles and highlights examples from communities across the country.
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Analysis of Bicycle-Related and Pedestrian-Related Roadway Crashes

Source: Colorado Department of Transportation
The Colorado Department of Transportation has released a report that explores potential trends, based on patterns in crash types and causes, associated with crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians.
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Improving Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Crossings

Source: Transit Cooperative Research Program and National Cooperative Highway Research Program
TCRP Report 112/NCHRP Report 562: Improving Pedestrian Safety at Unsignalized Crossings will be of interest to state, county, and city traffic engineers; transit agencies; roadway designers; and urban planners,
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Bicycle-Related Injuries to Children and Parental Attitudes Regarding Bicycle Safety

Source: Clinical Pediatrics
This study was designed to evaluate bicycle-related injuries among children requiring emergency treatment, assess the use of safety measures before and after injuries, and determine parental attitudes regarding bicycle safety.
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2016 State of Bicycling

Source: City of Memphis
This report outlines some of the key accomplishments for bicycling the City of Memphis achieved since it began improving conditions for persons riding bikes in 2010. A recap of recently constructed bicycle facilities is included along with other noteworthy milestones such as the City'
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Bicycling and Walking in the United States 2016

Source: Alliance for Biking and Walking
The Alliance for Biking & Walking has been tracking data across the U.S. through the Benchmarking Project since 2003. Every two years, the project team releases an updated report with the most recent data available,
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