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Advantages of Bike Lanes

Source: Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee
This document contains a list of bike lane benefits to bicycles, drivers, and pedestrians.
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Technical Handbook of Bikeway Design

Source: Velo Quebec
This third edition, revised and expanded, contains an impressive amount of essential information to successfully plan and create effective, efficient facilities.
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Designing for Pedestrians

Source: Washington State Department of Transportation
Washington State's Designing for Pedestrians website offers assistance in the form of research materials, frequently asked questions, and outlines of design standards.
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Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities

Source: Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
This report provides guidance and demonstrates for practitioners how context sensitive solutions (CSS) cocepts and principles may be applied in roadway improvement projects that are consistent with their physical settings.
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Making Walking and Cycling Safer

Source: Transportation Quarterly, Vol. 54, No. 3
This document outlines programs in Germany and the Netherlands that have improved mobility through non-motorized modes of transportation.
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Design Guidance for Channelized Right-Turn Lanes

Source: National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)
This report develops guidance for channelized right-turn lanes based on balancing the needs of motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles.
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Road Diet Informational Guide

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
This guide includes safety, operational, and other considerations from research and practice, and guides readers through the decision-making process to determine if Road Diets are a good fit for a certain corridor.
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Low Cost Interventions to Encourage Cycling

Source: Austroads
This report contains 15 case studies showcasing low cost interventions that have successfully encouraged cycling in Australia and New Zealand.
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Cycling Infrastructure

Source: Austroads
This report contains 29 case studies showcasing innovative Australian and New Zealand urban and regional bicycle infrastructure.
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A Method for Estimating Pedestrian Volume for Street Intersections in San Francisco

Source: Department of Geography and Human Environmental Studies - San Francisco State University
This paper presents a model for estimating pedestrian volume in San Francisco, and examines the built environment at multiple geographic scales and included pedestrian activities of all potential trip purposes.
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