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Source: rlytle
upload test 8/10/2016
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Health Impacts of the Built Environment

Source: Institute of Public Health in Ireland
This review is the third in the series and illustrates how the built environment impacts on health.
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National Scan of Actions to Address the Relationship between Built Environments, Physical Activity and Obesity

Source: Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC), Public Health Agency of Canada
This report reviews recent literature on health and the built environment, and discusses various related organizations and the resources they offer.
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Report on Public Health and Urban Sprawl in Ontario

Source: Ontario College of Family Physicians
This report summarizes pertinent information on the relationship between urban sprawl and health. It serves to identify the key issues that are relevant to the growing number of sprawl-related health problems in Ontario which is comparable to US situations and is far worse compared to Europe.
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The Australian National Cycling Strategy 2005-2010

Source: Austroads, Inc.
This document describes the need for a cycling strategy, identifies six key priorities for improving the state of cycling, and outlines important actions to take to acheive each of those priorities.
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Bus Stop Style Guide

Source: PPK Environment & Infrastructure
This document is a style guide for bus stops in urban areas in New South Wales.
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