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Walking as a Way of Life

Source: Partnership for a Walkable America
This FHWA Insight article discusses the benefits of walking on the health of older pedestrians.
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How to enhance WALking and CYcliNG instead of shorter car trips and to make these modes safer (WALCYNG)

Source: Department of Traffic Planning and Engineering, University of Lund, Sweden
The purpose of this document is to examine conditions and measures which may enhance walking and cycling instead of making shorter car trips.
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What is Traffic Calming?

Source: Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
This image-rich PowerPoint presentation gives a short history of the pedestrian in transportation planning, and illustrates different traffic calming strategies used in various communities.
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Good Practices Guide for Bicycle Safety Education

Source: Federal Highway Administration
Guide to developing your own bicycle education program or selecting the most effective program for your needs.
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Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids

Source: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
This report details research regarding the state of schools, current active living policies and programs, and ways to improve the health of all students.
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Why Canadians Cycle More Than Americans: A Comparative Analysis of Bicycling Trends and Policies

Source: Transport Policy
This paper looks at the reasons by Canadians cycle approximately 3 times more frequently than Americans.
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An Easy to Compute Index for Identifying Built Environments That Support Walking

Source: The Planning and Physical Activity Project at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Maryland at College Park
This paper builds on prior practical and research applications of ... environmental scores or indices by proposing and testing a built environment index (BEI) calculated at the traffic analysis zone and that relies predominantly on widely available data.
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European Twowheeler Retailers' Association (ETRA)

Source: European Twowheeler Retailers' Association
This website aims to support independent European retailers of bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. The site offers communication tools as well as updates on related legislation and advocacy opportunities.
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European Network for Cycling Expertise (Velo.Info)

Source: EU Fifth Framework Programme is a nonprofit institute that provides expertise in creating and implementing a cycling policy. The site provides detailed information for planners and advocates on a variety of topics related to cycling,
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Guide to Bicycle Advocacy

Source: Bikes Belong Coalition, Inc.
This guide provides information for bicycle advocates regarding funding for bicycle facilities and various strategies for advocacy and planning.
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