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Walking and Bicycling Suitability Assessment Project

Source: WABSA Project
A user-friendly tool designed to assess the suitability of local streets for walking and bicycling.
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Prevent Pedestrian Crashes: Preschool/Elementary School Children

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Preventing Pedestrian Crashes: Preschool/Elementary School Children Provides information to parents on pedestrian risks for preschool and elementary school children. Safe and Sober Campaign. Taken from the NHTSA website.
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Walking the Way to Health Initiative

Source: British Heart Foundation and Natural England
Walking the way to Health Initiative (WHI) aims to get more people walking in their own communities, especially those who take little exercise or live in areas of poor health.
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Development of Bicycle Compatability Index for Rural Roads in Nebraska

Source: Transportation Research Board
The objective of work described in this paper is to develop a rural equivalent of the Bicycle Compatability Index developed by the Federal Highway Administration.
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Operational Defintions of Walkable Neighborhood

Source: Journal of Physical Activity & Health
This study presents objectively measured environmental attributes of self-defined walkable neighborhoods, obtained from multivariate analyses of self-reported walking behavior, neighborhood perception,
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Streets in America Are Unsafe and Unforgiving For Kids

Source: Federal Highway Administration
Article by Pedestrian Safety Roadshow: Speeding cars, children darting into traffic, and streets without sidewalks place youth at risk on America's roads
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Estimating the Employment Impacts of Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Road Infrastructure

Source: Political Economy Research Institute
In this case study, we estimate the employment impacts of various transportation infrastructure projects in the city of Baltimore.
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Making Your Community Walkable and Bikeable

Source: Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, UNC School of Public Health
This guidebook helps community groups, organizations, and concerned individuals learn how to collaborate with planning staff and other officials to improve their local roads for walking and bicycling.
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Conserve by Bicycle Program Study

Source: Florida Department of Transportation
This study was requested by the 2005 Legislature to identify ways increased use of bicycles could be promoted to save energy and achieve health benefits.
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New Jersey: Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, Phase 2

Source: New Jersey Department of Transportation
This plan provides clear guidance for the most effective use of Federal, State, and local resources to implement pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The stated goals and objectives are supported with proposed performance measures to determine the effectiveness and critical success factors.
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