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Public Bikesharing in North America: Early Operator and Use Understanding

Source: Mineta Transportation Institute
This study evaluates public bikesharing in North America, reviewing the advances in technology and major events during its rapid expansion.
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Pedestrian Safety Roadmap & Resource Catalog

Source: Federal Highway Administration
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)'s Pedestrian Safety Roadmap & Resource Catalog is divided into these six helpful sections: 1. Making a Commitment: Motivate key decision-makers to take action in making your community safer and more walkable.
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Guide for Review and Assessment of Local Mobility Plans

Source: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Center for Urban Transportation Research
This report sets forth a proposed practice to guide the review of mobility plans with respect to supporting alternative modes, reducing vehicle miles of travel, and enhancing the multimodal environment.
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Final Report for Phase I Study to Characterize the Market Potential for Non-Motorized Travel

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
The objectives of this effort were to identify factors that influence communities to walk and bike and to examine why, or why not, travelers walk and bike in their communities.
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Determinants of Bicycle Commuting in the Washington, DC, Region

Source: Virginia Tech
This article examines the role of bicycle parking, cyclist showers, free car parking and transit benefits as determinants of cycling to work.
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Steps to a Walkable Community

Source: America Walks
This resource is a collection of innovative, multidisciplinary tactics that have successfully improved and encouraged walking in communities around the country.
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Cycle-Rail Toolkit

Source: Association of Train Operating Companies
This toolkit reviews existing practices that promote and enable accessibility of rail transit services for bicyclists.
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Nickerson Street Road Diet

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
Nickerson Street in Seattle, WA, was a difficult roadway for pedestrians to cross because it had four travel lanes and few pedestrian crossings.
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Cycling in New York: Policy Innovations at the Urban Frontier

Source: World Transport Policy and Practice (Vol. 16, Summer 2010)
While New York City has made significant improvements for bicycling, much still needs to be done. This paper explores opportunities for expanding infrastructure and improving policy.
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CDC Transportation Recommendations

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
These policy recommendations include promoting active transportation options, such as walking and bicycling, for improving health and quality of life.
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