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Community Design and the Incidence of Crashes Involving Pedestrians and Motorists Aged 75 and Over

Source: University Transportation Center for Mobility, Texas Transportation Institute (TTI)
This study employs a series of negative binomial regression models to understand how urban form may affect the incidence of total and killed-or-severely-injured (KSI) crashes involving older drivers and pedestrians.
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Low-Stress Bicycling and Network Connectivity

Source: Mineta Transportation Institute
The objective of this study is to develop measures of low-stress connectivity that can be used to evaluate and guide bicycle network planning.
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Lane Configuration Guide to Support Safe Bicycling and Vehicular Travel

Source: Kentucky Department of Transportation (DOT)
This guide shows potential lane configurations that support a Complete Street concept, allowing for safe, compatible traffic conditions for automobiles and bicycles.
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Public Bikesharing in North America: Early Operator and Use Understanding

Source: Mineta Transportation Institute
This study evaluates public bikesharing in North America, reviewing the advances in technology and major events during its rapid expansion.
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Guide for Review and Assessment of Local Mobility Plans

Source: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Center for Urban Transportation Research
This report sets forth a proposed practice to guide the review of mobility plans with respect to supporting alternative modes, reducing vehicle miles of travel, and enhancing the multimodal environment.
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Cycling on Higher Speed Roads

Source: Austroads
This report investigates the provision of facilities for bicycles on high speed roads.
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Creating Walkable and Bikeable Communities

Source: Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation (IBPI), Alta Planning and Design
This guidebook is intended to help communities strategically plan for bicycle and pedestrian transportation.
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Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs

Source: ?
This paper discusses the role of bicycling and walking in the overall transportation system. It provides potential solutions to help improve the pedestrian and bicycle environment.
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New Zealand Non-Motorised User Review Procedures

Source: Land Transport New Zealand
This process ensures that the needs of people who wish to walk, cycle or, where relevant, ride a horse, are considered when works are being planned and designed.
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Pedestrian Safety Guidelines

Source: Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)
The primary goal of these guidelines is to offer recommendations on how to enhance the pedestrian safety within the CAMPO area.
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