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State Contacts:

Gabriel Sulkes
Policy Advisor—Bike/Ped Initiatives
ph: 312-793-1494 fx: 312-793-1251
Web Site
Office of Planning & Programming
Illinois Department of Transportation  | 100 W Randolph, Suite 6-600  | Chicago, IL   60601-3229

Christy Davis
TE Program Coordinator (State TAP Manager)
ph: 217-785-1761 fx: 217-785-8140
Department of Transportation
2300 S Dirksen Parkway  | Room 307 Harry Hanley Building  | Springfield, IL   62764

Greg Piland
FHWA TAP Contact
ph: 217-492-4645 fx: 217-492-4345
Web Site
FHWA IL Division
3250 Executive Park Drive  | Springfield, IL   62703


Bike Maps:

City Maps

County Maps

Trail Maps


Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans:

Bicycle Plans

Local Plan
Chicago, IL
Bike 2015 Plan: The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan for Chicago Area Transportation

Pedestrian Plans

Local Plan
Chicago, IL
Bike 2015 Plan: The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan for Chicago Area Transportation

Local Plan
Chicago, IL
Chicago Pedestrian Plan


Case Studies:

Chicago, IL
Sunday Parkways: Helping Minority Communities Connect to Bicycling and Walking

Chicago, IL
Mayor Daley's Bicycling Ambassadors

Active Transportation Alliance


Bike Laws:

Bicycling on Freeways

Bicycling on Interstates and Freeways in Illinois is Not Allowed (Prohibited (possible exceptions)).

Exceptions Include:

There is a difference between "full access-control to partial access-control. Generally cyclist prohibition occurs on full access-controlled routes. Cyclists may be prohibited on some partial access-controlled highways too depending on congestion, safety issues and limits of control. The only case where a local government has jurisdiction over access controlled road is the Chicago Skyway designated as I-90. Cyclists are prohibited there too because much of the roadway is in the air. Other access-controlled roadways are state highways and IDOT has jurisdiction."

State Bike Laws and Resources

Illinois Rules of the Road

Bicycle Lighting Laws

Active front white light: Required

Active rear red light: Not Required

Rear reflector: Required

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