FHWA Awards Cooperative Agreement for Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), with support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), awarded a five-year cooperative agreement to the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center to operate the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC). This is the fourth time that a competitive award to operate the PBIC has been made since 1999. Through this award, the PBIC will continue to provide resources, training, and technical assistance to Federal, State, MPO, and local government agencies, educational institutions, transportation professionals, and the public. In the coming years, PBIC will also enhance its collection of resources and trainings related to behavioral safety education, enforcement, policy, and community engagement as well as support the implementation of FHWA's Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation. Read the full announcement here.

New PBIC White Paper Highlights Practices for Accommodating Pedestrians and Bicyclists on Existing Bridges

This new white paper focuses on opportunities to reconnect bicycle and pedestrian networks through bridge rehabilitation projects. The paper, Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity during Rehabilitation of Existing Bridges, was developed by Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants in collaboration with PBIC and FHWA to highlight opportunities for enhancing pedestrian and bicycle accommodations during rehabilitation of existing bridges. Bridges are critical links in the pedestrian and bicycle network and given complexity and technical constraints, it's especially important for practitioners to consider multimodal access and accommodations early in the planning process. The paper presents examples and case studies of completed projects to show how these approaches can be implemented. To access the paper, visit www.pedbikeinfo.org/cms/downloads/PBIC_WhitePaper_Bridges.pdf.

Upcoming Webinar to Focus on Improving Multimodal Outcomes

PBIC and FHWA will host a November 14 webinar on using design flexibility and performance measures to develop safe, comfortable and connected bicycling and walking networks.

This webinar, scheduled for 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern Time, will provide attendees with a close look two new FHWA resources: The Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures identifies opportunities to establish and track various metrics to inform pedestrian and bicycle planning activities, while the Achieving Multimodal Networks: Applying Design Flexibility and Reducing Conflicts demonstrates how agencies can tailor their design approaches to implement their plans and develop transportation networks that work for all road users. Focusing on links between them, panelists will discussing how agencies can build their recommendations into current planning and design activities. Panelists representing FHWA with project team members from the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, Toole Design Group, and Kittelson and Associates, Inc., will share recommendations and details from these guides.
To register for this session, visit https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7232903425561161475.

Communities renew Walk Friendly designations

Walk Friendly Communities logo

Six communities renewed their Walk Friendly Communities (WFC) status, and Austin, TX improved to Silver-level status in the latest round of applications.

The "Walk Friendly" title means a city or town is being recognized for its success in working to improve a wide range of conditions related to walking, including safety, mobility, access, and comfort. PBIC recognizes these communities for their commitment to improving walkability and pedestrian safety:
Gold Level:

Silver Level:                     

Bronze Level:

"Five years into the Walk Friendly Communities program, we continue to see communities continuing and committing to create safe and comfortable environments for walking," said Carl Sundstrom, WFC program manager. "We are tremendously excited to see these communities renew their designations, and are thrilled that Austin has continued to expand its programs and move to the next level.

"As the program heads into the next five years, we expect to see more communities renew and earn Walk Friendly designations."

Of the 58 Walk Friendly Communities across the nation, Seattle, Wash., remains the only Platinum-level Walk Friendly Community.

The next round of applications are due on December 15, 2016, and the next round of announcements will be made in Spring 2017. Interested communities are encouraged to visit www.walkfriendly.org to learn more about the program and review the community assessment tool. Keep up with the Walk Friendly Communities program on Twitter by following @WalkFriendly

PBIC Staff Participating in First Ever Spotlight Conference on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

On December 1-2, 2016, the University Transportation Centers (UTC) Program and the Transportation Research Board are hosting their 10th UTC Spotlight Conference in Washington, DC. The focus of the conference is on pedestrian and bicycle safety, and panelists will bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds to understand and address emerging trends in bicycling and walking safety. Five members of the PBIC team will be presenting on a wide range of topics, from bicycle safety data and performance metrics to strategies for influencing behavior change. Included among the panelists are Laura Sandt, Krista Nordback, Carl Sundstrom, Libby Thomas and Seth LaJeunesse. To learn more about the conference, visit http://www.cvent.com/events/10th-university-transportation-centers-spotlight-conference-pedestrian-and-bicycle-safety/event-summary-135944f6ddfb451fa41a9e0ab6c8c839.aspx.

NHTSA Awards New Bicycling and Walking Projects

Three new projects awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seek to understand and improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians:

Determining Impaired Pedestrians among DWI Offenders
NHTSA awarded a Task Order to Dunlap and Associates to conduct a demographic analysis of alcohol-impaired pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes in recent years and to identify whether additional analysis of particular groups, such as DWI offenders, is warranted to develop appropriate countermeasures. Alcohol involvement—for the driver and/or the pedestrian— was reported in 48 percent of all fatal pedestrian crashes in 2014. An estimated 34 percent of fatal pedestrian crashes involved a pedestrian with a BAC of .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or higher. An estimated 14 percent of fatal pedestrian crashes had drivers with BACs of .08 g/dL or higher.  This 18-month effort will result in a research report that provides an understanding, beyond age and gender, of the people overrepresented among the fatal and injured impaired pedestrians and identify strategies to reach the most at-risk impaired pedestrians.  

Statewide Pedestrian and Bicyclist Focus Education and Enforcement
NHTSA has entered agreements with the Florida Department of Transportation and the Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office to support Focus cities to implement education and enforcement components of their local Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Action Plans. These two to five year projects will identify State management processes and approaches that provide ongoing support for local communities to strategically address pedestrian/bicycle safety with education and enforcement efforts. 

Community Based Bicyclist and Pedestrian Behavioral Safety Assessment
NHTSA has awarded a contract to Toole Design Group to develop a review process that communities can use to assess their pedestrian and bicyclist safety problems and identify recommendations for improvement.  This 18-month project will make available to communities a systematic process, uniformed guidelines, and technical assistance to address their bicycle and pedestrian behavioral safety problems.

For more information about these projects, contact Ruth Esteban-Muir at ruth.esteban@dot.gov or (202) 366-2706.

USDOT Employees Recognized for Commitment to Bicycling and Walking

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) recently recognized two US Department of Transportation employees for their commitment to improving conditions for bicycling and walking. The awards, made in conjunction with the Pro Walk, Pro Bike, Pro Place Conference in Vancouver, were intended to recognize individuals making a difference in the world of pedestrian and bicycle transportation. Barbara McCann, the Director in the Office of Safety, Energy, and Environment, received the 2016 APBP Lifetime Achievement Award. She was recognized for many years of hard work promoting bicycling and walking, including founding the National Complete Streets Coalition. She has continued building upon that commitment since joining the USDOT, bringing leadership to numerous initiatives related to bicycling and walking. FHWA's Dan Goodman also received an award; he was recognized as the 2016 Professional of the Year in the Public Sector Category. Mr. Goodman has spearheaded a wide variety of research projects and initiatives focused on improving conditions for bicycling and walking. He led the development of a number of recent guides – from the Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide to the Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian and Bicycle Performance Measures – and continues to expand FHWA's commitment to developing safe, comfortable and connected networks for bicycling and walking. More information about the awards can be found in this blog post by FHWA Administrator Gregory Nadeau: https://www.transportation.gov/fastlane/dot-employees-recognized-accomplishments-bikeped-safety.

New Resources from FHWA

FHWA recently added the following resources to its website:

Pursuing Equity in Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

Achieving Multimodal Networks: Applying Design Flexibility and Reducing Conflicts

Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation

Coming Soon!
The Small Town and Rural Street Design (STAR) Guide will highlight strategies and designs for building connected pedestrian and bicycle networks in small towns and rural areas. Anticipated release: Summer 2016.


Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Traffic Cover

Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Guides FHWA Bicycling and Walking Activities
FHWA released an ambitious vision for investments to improve conditions for bicycling and walking across the country. The Strategic Agenda for Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation identifies nearly 100 specific activities with four focus areas (Networks, Safety, Equity, and Trips) to achieve new national goals: zero pedestrian and bicycle fatalities and serious injuries within 30 years, and a 30 percent increase in bicycling and walking for short trips by 2025.

Submit Your Proposals for the 2017 National Walking Summit
America Walks announced the 2017 National Walking Summit to be held in St. Paul, MN, from September 13-15, 2017. After two successful conferences in Washington, DC, they are moving the conference to another city that is embracing livability to give participants an opportunity to explore firsthand the potential of walkable communities. The call for proposals is at www.walkingsummit.org, and the instructions for proposals can be found here: http://bit.ly/2bZ6zmL.  Proposals are due December 15, 2016.

2016 Recreational Trails Program Annual Report
FHWA released the 2016 Recreational Trails Program Annual Report. This report documents how States use RTP funds, highlights program funding, administration, and the RTP Database, and illustrates eligible project types along with project examples. For more information, visit http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/recreational_trails/.

International Trails Symposium Opens Call for Presentations
The next International Trails Symposium will be held in Dayton, Ohio, from May 7 to 10, 2017. Conference organizers are accepting presentations focusing on national or international projects. This 2017 conference theme is "Trails Take Flight: Connecting People, Places, and Possibilities." Submissions are due by December 9, 2016. For more information, visit http://www.americantrails.org/ee/index.php/symposium/2017.

Input Sought for Revision of Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria Guidelines
The Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) is a voluntary guideline developed jointly by NHTSA and Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) to help states determine what data to collect at the scene of a crash and include in their state databases. The guideline is currently undergoing a complete review, with the goal of releasing the 5th edition in 2017. Online forum (conducted in May) and to a Federal Register notice proposed additional changes to MMUCC. We have created a second online forum to solicit your opinions about these proposals.   The forum is now open at https://fs8.formsite.com/ghsa/mmuccforum2/index.html

View Webinars on EDC-4 Innovations
FHWA's Every Day Counts (EDC) is a State-based model to identify and rapidly deploy proven, but underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce congestion and improve environmental sustainability. FHWA posted introductory webinars on the 11 innovations in the fourth round of EDC, including Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP) and Community Connections. For more information about EDC-4 initiatives, visit the program web site at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/innovation/everydaycounts/edc_4/.

Call to Analyze Open Data
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released an open data set (raw data) of traffic fatalities that contains detailed, anonymized information about each incident and are soliciting data scientists, public health experts, students and researchers to help better understand the data, especially on tough issues like pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities. Whether you're a non-profit, a tech company, or just a curious citizen wanting to contribute to the conversation in your local community, USDOT wants you to jump in and help all of us understand the data. A number of private sector firms and educational institutions have already committed to answer this call to action, including Street Light Data, Carto, Mapbox, and Waze. Send what you learn to opendata@dot.gov. To support those working with the data, NHTSA released the 2015 & 2014 FARS (fatality analysis reporting system)/NASS (National Automotive Sampling System) GES Pedestrian Bicyclist Manual.

Proposals Sought for 2017 World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research
The World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR) will be held in Brisbane, Australia, from July 3 to 6, 2017. Conference organizers are currently accepting original papers for consideration, which focus on the connection between transportation and land use. More information on the call for papers and the conference can be found on the conference website: http://www.wstlur.org/symposium/2017/.

FHWA Launches Road Diet Social Media Campaign
FHWA launched its #RoadDiets Selfie campaign. Post a photo showing love for Road Diets near you. Here's how it works:

  1. Print out the hashtag (#RoadDiets) at the bottom of the newsletter.
  2. Snap a selfie with the sign at your favorite Road Diet. (Points for creativity!)
  3. Post the photo on Facebook or Twitter. Include "#RoadDiets" in your text along with your State or locality.
See http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/road_diets/newsletter/fall/ for more information.

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September 13: Hot off the press: @USDOTFHWA announces Strategic Agenda for Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/bicycle_pedestrian/publications/strategic_agenda/fhwahep16086.pdf
September 14: Great plenary panel on health and equity. For primer on the topic, check out PBIC white paper http://www.pedbikeinfo.org/cms/downloads/PBIC_WhitePaper_Equity.pdf #WalkBikePlaces
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October 12: Myth-busting RE: traffic calming and design speeds. https://twitter.com/walkfriendly/status/786277040303452160

Upcoming Events

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
Oct. 29-Nov.2, 2016
Denver, Colorado

North American Bike Share Association Annual Conference
Nov. 9-11, 2016
Austin, Texas

10th University Transportation Center (UTC) Spotlight Conference: Bicycles and Pedestrians
Dec. 1-2, 2016
Washington, DC

Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting
Jan. 8-12, 2017
Washington, DC

Active Living Research 2017 Annual Conference
Jan. 31-Feb. 3, 2017
Clearwater Beach, Florida

New Partners for Smart Growth
Feb. 2-4, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri

National Bike Summit
Mar. 6-9, 2017
Washington, DC

International Trails Symposium
May 7-10, 2017
Dayton, Ohio

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) Professional Development Seminar
June 26-29, 2017
Memphis, Tennessee

National Walking Summit
Sept. 13-15, 2017
St. Paul, Minnesota


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