Bicycle Parking


The availability of safe and convenient parking is as critical to bicyclists as it is for motorists, yet it is frequently overlooked in the design and operation of shops, offices, schools, and other buildings. Parking should preferably be covered, well lit, and in plain view without being in the way of pedestrians or motor vehicles.

Bicycle parking includes racks, lockers, and bicycle stations. Bicycle racks are fixed objects, usually constructed out of metal, to which bicycles can be securely locked. They need to support the whole bike (not just one wheel) and enable the user to lock the frame and wheels of the bike with a cable or U-shaped lock. Bike corrals allow for car parking spaces to be converted into bicycle parking spaces. Bicycle lockers are used to securely store a single bicycle. Bicycle stations are buildings or structures designed to provide secure bicycle parking and often incorporate other amenities such as showers or bike maintenance services. Additional information about bicyle parking is available from the International Bicycle Fund and in the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) bicycle parking guidelines.


Provide secure and convenient parking for bicycles at a variety of destinations. Promote an orderly streetscape that does not create an obstruction in the pedestrian right-of-way.


  • Racks need to be sited and installed appropriately for them to be well used (i.e., with enough space between racks, not too close to walls).
  • Racks should support the bicycle in at least two places (preventing it from falling over) and allow the frame to be locked along with one or both wheels.
  • Facilities intended for short- or long-term use will have different requirements for site design and security.
  • Provide covered parking when possible.
  • Inventories of bicycle parking facilities should include total available parking as well as descriptions of the facilities.


Costs can vary based on the design and materials used. Bicycle rack costs can range from approximately $60 to $3,600, depending on design and materials used. On average the cost is approximately $660. Bicycle lockers costs range from $1,280 to $2,680, and bicycle stations are approximately $250,000. More detailed cost information is provided here.