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Denver, CO: Pedestrian Master Plan

Source: City and County of Denver
The plan establishes a city-wide pedestrian network. It uses a detailed development process that incorporates existing conditions assessment, existing plans, GIS studies, public involvement, and policy review.
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Marina, CA Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

Source: Local Government Commission
This plan contains a clear outline and discussion of goals and action strategies. It offers a comprehensive street inventory and assessment of deficiencies.
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Bellevue, WA: Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Plan Update

Source: City of Bellevue Transportation Department
This is a policy-oriented document that aims to revise the 30-year plan. It presents key issues that have appeared during the implementation of pedestrian facilities, proving to be a helpful resource for localities considering such improvements.
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San Diego, CA: Planning and Designing for Pedestrians

Source: SANDAG, San Diego's Regional Planning Agency
These guidelines provide an extremely thorough look at how to plan and design for the pedestrian.
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Portland, OR: Pedestrian Master Plan

Source: City of Portland
The Master Plan outlines an action plan to achieve the city's pedestrian-oriented goals. To identify needed improvements, the plan used a rigorous identification process, including several opportunities for public input.
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