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Neighborhood-Scale Planning Tools to Create Active, Livable Communities

Source: Local Government Commission, Active Living Leadership
This guide is a tool for community members to use to help create a more active, livable community.
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Overcoming Opposition to Bicycling, Walking and Trail Development

Source: National Bicycle and Pedestrian Clearinghouse
This report focuses on ways to create trails in communities with localized resistance to the construction.
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Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Evaluation for the City of Emeryville at Four Intersections

Source: UC Berkeley Traffic Safety Center
This study attempts to predict the impacts of increasing volumes of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic in Emeryville, California.
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Pedestrian and Bicyclist Standards and Innovations in Large Central Cities

Source: Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management at NYU Wagner
The report reviews how best to accommodate the use of bicycles and walking while ensuring safety and sufficient mobility for motor vehicles for large central cities and provides examples of best practices in various cities nationally and internationally.
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Pedestrian Design Treatments

Source: Washington State Department of Transportation
These diagrams provide illustrative examples of different design treatments for intersections.
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