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Rails-Trails and Safe Communities

Source: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, National Park Service
This paper discusses the results of a survey of all rail-trail managers and documents the level of crime on trails and identify the mitigation measures used by trail designers and managers.
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Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Physical Activity, Obesity, and Morbidity

Source: American Journal of Health Promotion, Vol 18.1
This ecologic study reveals that urban form could be significantly associated with some forms of physical activity and some health outcomes.
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Review and Comparison of NJ Traffic Signal Standards for Striping Schemes for Pedestrian Crossings

Source: Voorhees Transportation Policy Institute
This paper presents findings of enhanced and more innovative practices of traffic signal standards and striping schemes that could be applied to pedestrian crossings throughout New Jersey.
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Road Diets: Fixing the Big Roads

Source: Walkable Communities
This paper explores the use of road diets to manage vehicular transportation.
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Safety in Numbers: More Walkers and Bicyclists, Safer Walking and Bicycling

Source: Injury Prevention
This paper examines the relationship between the numbers of people walking or bicycling and the frequency of collisions between motorists and walkers or bicyclists.
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