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The Economic and Social Benefits of Off-Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Source: National Bicycle and Pedestrian Clearinghouse
This article investigates the economic and social benefits of multi-use off-road trails.
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The Economic Benefits of Trails

Source: American Hiking Society
This fact sheet descirbes the economic benefits of trails. It finds that the presence of trails encourages the growth of "clean" industries and businesses, helps increase the property values of surrounding lots,
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The Effects of Roundabouts on Pedestrian Safety

Source: The Southeastern Transportation Center
This paper examines pedestrian safety at roundabouts in the United States using a literature review along with case study analysis, statistical analysis, and simulation analysis to compare pedestrian safety at a conventional signalized intersection to a case study modern roundabout.
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The Influence of Vertical Illuminance on Pedestrian Visibility in Crosswalk

Source: 18th Biennial Transportation Research Board Visibility Symposium
This project investigates the required lighting levels for crosswalk illumination.
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Trail Intersection Design Handbook

Source: Florida Department of Transportation
This detailed handbook discusses design processes and principles of designing trail/roadway intersections.
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