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National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project

Source: Transportation Research Board
This paper discusses the various challenges the pedestrian and bicycle field in documenting usage and demand. This resource can be purchased through the Transportation Research Board, or accessed by subscribers.
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Street Crossing Issues for Persons With Cognitive Disabilities

Source: Delaware County, Pennsylvania; Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
This paper discusses issues and skills affecting safe crossing by persons with cognitive disabilities, and calls for research to identify design features, signalization and technologies that can enable users with cognitive disabilities to cross safely.
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Pedestrian Behavior and Perception in Urban Walking Environments

Source: Journal of Planning Literature
This report looks at how pedestrians will respond to characteristics of the environment as they formulate and enact their walking itineraries. This resource can be purchased through the Sage Journals Online.
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Environmental and Policy Determinants of Physical Activity in the United States

Source: American Journal of Public Health
This study examined (1) descriptive patterns in perceived environmental and policy determinants of physical activity and (2) associations between these factors and behavior. The full text can be obtained through the American Journal of Public Health at the link below.
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Active Community Environments Initiative (ACES)

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Active Community Environments Initiative (ACES) promotes walking, bicycling, and the development of accessible recreation facilities.
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