Counts Pilot Program

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Technology Deployment Pilot Program (2015-2016)

Improving data resources to support bicycle and pedestrian investments is a focus area for FHWA. The Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Project is a research and technology deployment effort to identify organizational and technical capacity needs at MPOs, develop resources for addressing these needs, and transfer lessons learned across the country. The end result will increase the capacity of Metropolitan Planning Organizations to establish and operate bicycle and pedestrian counting programs. The project is being conducted with the direct participation of ten MPOs with other interested MPOs shadowing the project.

The project funded the purchase of a limited number of automatic counters used to collect counts of bicyclists and pedestrians at various locations within each MPO planning area, and provided limited funds to compensate some of the cost of staff time to initiate and oversee a counting program for deploying the counters, collecting counts, and analyzing the results. The participating MPOs had access to a series of internal webinars and other technical assistance opportunities. These webinars are edited and provided on this webpage.

For more information on the Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Project, contact Dan Goodman (, 202-366-9064) or Jeremy Raw (, 202-366-0986).

List of Participating Communities

The MPOs directly participating in this project include:

  • Providence Metropolitan Planning Organization (Providence, Rhode Island)
  • Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council (Buffalo, New York)
  • Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Puerto Rico Metropolitan Planning Organization (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  • Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization (Palm Beach County, Florida)
  • Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno, California)
  • Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • South-East Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  • Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (Memphis, Tennessee)  


Note: Webinars were originally presented to the count pilot participants and have been edited for relevance to a broader audience.

Webinar #1 - Pilot Program Kickoff

Originally presented on May 1, 2015

Download the webinar (MP4)

Download the presentation slides (PDF)


Webinar #2 - Site Selection, Permissions, Sampling and Count Technology Installation

Originally presented on May 29, 2015

Download the presentation slides (PDF)


Webinar #3 - Device Calibration and Managing Count Data Format, Transmission, Storage, and Cleaning

Originally presented on September 11, 2015

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

View the presentation (online video)


Webinar #4 - Preparing and Analyzing Data

Originally presented on November 20, 2015

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

Download the webinar (MP4)


Webinar #5 - Beginning and Advanced Techniques for Analyzing Count Data, Including Trend Estimation and Modeling

Originally Presented on March 15, 2016

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

Download the webinar (MP4)

Final Pilot Study Summary Report

Report available at