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Understanding How the Built Environment Around TTA Stops Affects Ridership

Source: Department of City and Regional Planning, UNC-Chapel Hill
"This study determines the characteristics of urban development that related to Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) bus ridership levels in the Triangle region of North Carolina."
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Method of Improving Pedestrian Safety Proactively with Geographic Information Systems

Source: Transportation Research Record
"The proactive data integration technique developed in this study was applied to pedestrian safety problems on a college campus, aiding the process of planning and implementing various countermeasures related to education,
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How Far, By Which Route, and Why?

Source: Mineta Transportation Institute
The report examines the distance pedestrians walk to rail transit stations and the environmental factors that influence their route choice.
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A Method for Estimating Pedestrian Volume for Street Intersections in San Francisco

Source: Department of Geography and Human Environmental Studies - San Francisco State University
This paper presents a model for estimating pedestrian volume in San Francisco, and examines the built environment at multiple geographic scales and included pedestrian activities of all potential trip purposes.
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Active Transportation for America

Source: Rails to Trails Conservancy
Investment in a more diverse transportation system - one that provides viable choices to walk and bike - will lead to a far more efficient use of transportation resources.
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