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Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook

Source: United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Recreational Trails Program, Federal Highway Administration
This guide focuses on the basics of trail construction and maintenance, presented it in an easy-to-understand fashion, and oriented just to activities done in the field.
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Walkable Communities Library

Source: Walkable Communities, Inc.
This website provides a selection of resources including richly illustrated posters demostrating levels of service and treatment options, in addition to a variety of short papers, checklist, sample brochures and more,
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Traffic Education of Children 4-12 Years Old

Source: SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research
The report contains an assessment of existing traffic education programs for children ages 4-12.
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Iowa Kids on the Move

Source: Iowa Dept. of Transportation & Iowa Bicycle Coalition
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Curriculum
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Cycling for a Few or for Everyone

Source: World Transport Policy and Practice, Vol. 15, No. 1
This article reports empirical evidence that multi-faceted strategies (education, enforcement, and provision of facilities) are more effective in increasing cycling safety and raising overall cycling levels.
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