Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Short Series

Description: The Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Short Series offers three modules to augment undergraduate courses in basic civil engineering and/or transportation planning. The lessons are ideally suited to be integrated into an existing course, such as the first or introductory course in transportation engineering. The modules are:

  • Planning for Pedestrians and Bicycles
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Data and Performance

Each of the modules contains presentation slides for a 50-minute lecture, speaker notes for instructors, references, and suggested additional readings. The modules can be taught individually or sequentially.

The program also includes a reading/resource list and four assignments that students may work on individually or as part of a small group:

  • Walkability Assessment/Audit
  • Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Assessing Level of Service
  • Bicycle Level of Service and Level of Traffic Stress Analyses

Target Audience: The materials are intended for undergraduate students studying introductory transportation planning or engineering. The courses also may be suitable for graduate students.

Length: The Short Series is designed to supplement an existing course. It includes three, 50-minute lectures that may be used individually or sequentially as part of a 3-credit hour semester.

Contact: For technical information, contact Program Specialist Kristen Brookshire at 919-962-2973,

Materials: The course consists of three presentations (lectures with speaker notes and suggested further reading), four assignments, an instructor information sheet, and a reading/resource list. We recommend that instructors start by reading the instructor information sheet before using the other materials.

Click here to download all course materials. (Zip 21.5 MB)