Road Diets: Improving Safety for All Road Users

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Road Diets, the conversion of four-lane undivided roadways to three lanes (two through lanes and a two-way-left-turn-lane), are listed as one the FHWA’s proven safety countermeasures.  This cross section reallocation can potentially improve safety, reduce speed differential, and/or improve accessibility for transit users, pedestrians and bicyclists. In November 2014, FHWA published the Road Diet Informational Guide to help communities understand Road Diets and their numerous benefits to all roadway users.

The FHWA Guide can be downloaded by visiting

Keith Knapp, Ph.D, P.E. (Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program) and Brian Chandler, P.E., PTOE (Leidos) were part of a team of practitioners who developed the guide and will serve as panelists for this webinar.  The session provided an overview of the new guide and the basics of Road Diets. Presentations included information about the various safety and operational benefits of Road Diets and how to determine if they may be helpful in their location.


  • Keith Knapp, Ph.D, P.E., Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program
  • Brian Chandler, P.E., PTOE, Leidos

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