Toward Zero Deaths: Strategies for Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals

Jan. 31, 2013, 2 p.m.


The vision of "Toward Zero Deaths" (TZD) is predicated on the assumption that no traffic death or serious injury should be considered to be acceptable.

Launched as a plan for highway safety in Europe, the principle has gained popularity in the U.S. in recent years, and some state and local agencies have adopted TZD language among their agencies' safety goals.

Researchers at the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center have developed a list of key TZD strategies that are considered to be among the most effective in reducing pedestrian- and bicycle-related deaths and serious injuries on our nation's streets and highways.

Presenters Charlie Zegeer, PBIC director, and Carl Sundstrom, PBIC program manager, discuss a wide range of engineering, education, enforcement, policy, and funding strategies that are the most promising in in reaching TZD successes for non-motorized travelers. 

This webinar is part of the PBIC's Liveable Communities webinar series.


  • Charlie Zegeer, director, PBIC
  • Carl Sundstrom, program manager, PBIC

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