Community Approaches to Pedestrian Safety Education

March 18, 2010


This Livable Communities Webinar highlights two successful pedestrian safety education programs — WalkSafe in Florida, and Streets Smarts in California — and the lessons practitioners can take from them.


  • Dr. Gillian Hotz, Associate Research Professor, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and Director of WalkSafe™ & BikeSafe™ Programs
  • Christine Stinson, WalkSafe™ Project Coordinator Linda Crabill Byrne, San Jose, CA, Traffic Safety Education Manager
  • David Parisi, PE, TE, Parisi Associates Transportation Consulting

Webinar Resources

Download Presentation Slides:WalkSafe: An Urban Center's Approach to Pedestrian Safety Education (Hotz and Stinson, PDF, 3.5 MB)

Download Presentation Slides: Community Approaches to Pedestrian Safety Education: Street Smarts (Byrne and Parisi, PDF, 3.8 MB)

Download the Webinar (mp4)