Tools for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Exposure Analysis

June 5, 2012


Learn about the best tools for evaluating pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Researchers at the UC Berkeley Safe Transportation Research & Education Center (SafeTREC) describe several tools that are available to evaluate pedestrian and bicycle safety.

David Ragland, Ph.D., provides an overview of several initiatives to reduce pedestrian and bicycle crashes in California. These efforts have produced tools and methodologies that have been used in California and could be applied in other communities outside of the state.

John Bigham, MPH, discusses the Transportation Injury Mapping Tool (TIMS), an interactive website to query, map, and download collision data in California. The presentation includes a live demonstration of TIMS to view maps of pedestrian and bicycle collision data and evaluates the benefit-cost of constructing different safety countermeasures.

Robert Schneider, Ph.D., presents the final topic, estimating exposure for pedestrian and bicycle crash risk analysis. This includes an overview of the importance of exposure data, different methods of estimating pedestrian and bicycle volume data, and recent volume modeling efforts in Alameda County and San Francisco, California.


  • David Ragland, Ph.D., Founding Director, UC Berkeley SafeTREC
  • John Bigham, MPH, GIS Program Manager, UC Berkeley SafeTREC
  • Robert Schneider, Ph.D., Researcher, UC Berkeley SafeTREC

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