Top Strategies to Accelerate Multimodal Project Delivery

Date TBD

To respond to growing demand for safe and comfortable places to walk and bike, agencies are focusing attention on developing multimodal transportation networks that serve all road users. As agencies work to deliver more multimodal transportation projects, they may encounter obstacles and barriers that delay or prevent their plans from being implemented. The Federal Highway Administration is preparing to release a workbook to help assist agencies in identifying strategies to accelerate the delivery of multimodal projects.

During this webinar, FHWA and project team members will provide a detailed look at the forthcoming workbook, which includes 15 strategies that agencies can use to accelerate project delivery and turn plans into projects. The strategies cover numerous phases of the project development process, from initial scoping and project prioritization to design and environmental review. Panelists will share examples from agencies that have successfully incorporated these strategies into project development and resources that can help practitioners evaluate their current practices. Participants will learn how they can incorporate these strategies into their own practices in order to accelerate the delivery of multimodal projects.

Panelists will include representatives from FHWA and members of the project team, including Cadmus, Kittleson & Associates, and the UNC Highway Safety Research Center.

Webinar Resources

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