Improving Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety Using Truck Side Guards

Monday, June 12, 2017


Many cities across the country are experiencing a rise in bicycle and pedestrian activity, coupled with an increase in urban freight and large truck traffic. Unfortunately, crashes involving large trucks and nonmotorized road users can result in severe injuries and fatalities. This webinar will explore the use of truck side guard technologies intended to protect vulnerable road users and reduce crash severity. By preventing some of the most serious injuries and fatalities among pedestrians and bicyclists, truck side guards provide one tool agencies can use to respond to a growing safety problem.

Dr. Alexander Epstein, an engineer with Volpe's Center for Policy, Planning, and Environment, will share findings from research that has examined the potential safety benefits of truck side guards. He will also share examples of policy changes that can help support the adoption of these technologies. Kris Carter, Co-Chair of the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics in Boston, MA, will share his City's experience in crafting and adopting policies to expand the use of truck side guards.

Following their presentations, both panelists will participate in a discussion and respond to attendee questions.


  • Dr. Alexander Epstein, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
  • Kris Carter, City of Boston

Recording and Archive

  • Presentation Materials (PDF)
  • Video Recording (MP4)