Integrating Ped/Bike Concepts into University Courses: New Materials and Noteworthy Practices

August 19, 2015

Integration of pedestrian and bicycle concepts into transportation classes is essential in creating sustainable, livable communities. PBIC has updated the Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Short Series, which is designed to augment undergraduate courses in basic civil engineering and/or transportation planning. The course materials now include up-to-date presentation slides for three 50-minute lectures, four assignments, and a reading/resource list. Webinar speakers will discuss why entry-level transportation professionals need experience planning and designing for all modes and how the updated course materials may be used and adapted for different university courses.


  • Mike Flynn, Director of Active Transportation, Sam Schwartz Engineering
  • Carl Sundstrom, Engineering Research Associate, UNC Highway Safety Research Center
  • Dr. Kari E. Watkins, P.E., Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Jeff LaMondia, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Auburn University

Presentations will be followed by a question and answer session with the panelists.

Webinar Resources

Download Presentation Slides (PDF)