Bicycle RSA: How to Conduct Road Safety Audits and How to Use Them to Promote Bicyclist Safety

Sept. 26, 2013

This presentation covers consideration of bicyclists in the Road Safety Audit process and reviews some successful applications of this process that lead to improved conditions for cyclists.

An RSA is a formal safety examination of an existing or future roadway or off-road facility and is conducted by an independent, experienced, multidisciplinary team. The presentation will describe the content of the Federal Highway Administration's Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists, which provide transportation agencies and RSA teams with a better understanding of the safety of cyclists in the transportation system when conducting an RSA.

These guidelines present the RSA team with an overview of basic principles of the safety of cyclists and potential issues affecting cyclists. They also provide information on how to conduct an RSA and effectively assess the safety of cyclists. Prompt lists describe safety considerations when conducting a cyclist-specific RSA. These guidelines will help RSA teams evaluate and suggest a multimodal approach to safety by improving the safety of cyclists and all roadway users.


  • Dan Nabors, PE, a senior transportation engineer at VHB
  • Bill Desantis, PE, corporate director for bicycle transportation planning and design at VHB

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