Conference Notices

Pedestrian Sessions at 2017 TRB Annual Meeting

The following table provides a list of events relevant to pedestrian research at the 2017 Annual Meeting. Check this page in advance of the 2018 Annual Meeting for an updated list of sessions.

For a list of upcoming conferences related to pedestrians and walking, visit the PBIC website.

For information about bicycle related events at this year's conference, visit the Bicycle Committee website.

Multimodal Performance-Based Design: Which was first, the car or the bicyclist?
Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes: Access for Pedestrians, Particularly Those with Vision Disabilities
How to Reverse the Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities: Identifying Problems and Solutions
Walking at Night: Pedestrian's Perspective, or "The Dangers of Night-Walkers"
Quality Volume Data for Bicycling and Walking
Innovations in Financing of Urban Public Transport and Nonmotorized Transportation Infrastructure
International Practices: Creating Livable Communities by Integrating Transit, Freight, Pedestrian, and Bicycle Transportation
Neighborhood Greenways: Applications, Research, and Effectiveness
New Ideas for Measuring and Relieving Congestion in Transit Passenger Facilities, Part 1 (Posters)
Exploring Innovative Data Sources and Approaches for Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Collection (Posters)
Pedestrian and Driver Behaviors at Uncontrolled Crossings: Analysis and Interventions
Pedestrian and Bicycle Travel in Small and Medium-Sized Communities
Transportation Issues and Solutions in Major Cities (Posters)
Data-Driven Approaches to Advancing Roundabouts
Measuring Walkability
Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Joint Subcommittee
Pedestrian and Autonomous Vehicle Interactions Subcommittee
Pedestrians Committee Meeting
Vulnerable Road Users: Analysis of Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes (Posters)
Multimodal Accessibility Applications
Pedestrian Planning and Design (Posters)
Transportation Issues in Major Cities Committee Meeting
Emerging Vehicles for Low Speed Transportation Joint Subcommittee
School Transportation Subcommittee Meeting
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Analysis Joint Subcommittee Meeting
Pedestrian Safety and Behavior (Posters)
Pedestrian Research Subcommittee Meeting
Traffic Safety in the Developing Countries: Roads, Vehicles and Pedestrians
Coasting to Make Strides in Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
Pedestrian Planning and the Built Environment
Feet First Caucus


Pedestrian-Related Conferences

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