More Funding Projects and Programs Webinars

Funding and Evaluating Systemic Safety Improvements for Pedestrians

Presented by: Karen Scurry, Federal Highway Administration; Elissa Goughnour, VHB; Tracy Turpin, Virginia Department of Transportation

Scalable Risk Assessment for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Presented by: Tamara Redmon, FHWA Office of Safety; Shawn Turner, Texas A&M Transportation Institute; Ipek Sener, Texas A&M Transportation Institute; Michael Martin, Texas A&M Transportation Institute; Robert Hampshire, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Bike Sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation

Presented by: Josh Moskowitz, Capital Bikeshare Project Manager; Julia Diana, manager of the San Antonio Bikes Program; R.J. Eldridge, Director of Planning for Toole Design Group; Mauricio Hernandez, Transportation Planner with Toole Design Group

Funding Issues

Presented by: Keith Sinclair, Acting Assistant Division Administrator, FHWA Connecticut Division; Peter Lagerwey, Senior Planner, Toole Design Group

Engineering Strategies

Presented by: Hillary Isebrands, FHWA Resource Center Safety Specialist; Michael Moule, Principal Transportation Engineer, NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates, Inc.

Safety Enforcement

Presented by: Peter Flucke, President, WE BIKE, etc., LLC

Pedestrian Safety Education

Presented by: Nancy Pullen-Seufert, Associate Director, National Center for Safe Routes to School

Data Collection and Analysis

Presented by: Charlie Zegeer, PBIC Director


Presented by: Peter Lagerwey, Senior Planner, Toole Design Group

Course Introduction and General Planning Principals

Presented by: Peter Eun, FHWA Resource Center Safety Engineer; Ryan Snyder, President, Ryan Snyder Associates; Paul Zykofsky, Director, Land Use and Transportation Programs, Local Government Commission