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PBCAT Manual & Tech Support

The complete user's manual is included in the software download. You can also view the user's manual separately here. For technical support, please send an email to It will be forwarded to the PBCAT technical support group.

User's Manual Files
Name HTML file PDF file
Introductory material intro.html intro.pdf
Chapter 1 chapter1.html chapter1.pdf
Chapter 2 chapter2.html chapter2.pdf
Chapter 3 chapter3.html chapter3.pdf
Chapter 4 chapter4.html chapter4.pdf
Chapter 5 chapter5.html chapter5.pdf
Chapter 6 chapter6.html chapter6.pdf
Chapter 7 chapter7.html chapter7.pdf
Chapter 8 chapter8.html chapter8.pdf
Chapter 9 chapter9.html chapter9.pdf
Appendix A appendix_a.html appendix_a.pdf
Appendix B appendix_b.html appendix_b.pdf
Appendix C appendix_c.html appendix_c.pdf
Appendix D appendix_d.html appendix_d.pdf
Appendix E appendix_e.html appendix_e.pdf
Appendix F appendix_f.html appendix_f.pdf
Appendix G appendix_g.html appendix_g.pdf
Appendix H appendix_h.html appendix_h.pdf
References references.html references.pdf
Full document   PBCAT_manual.pdf
Supplement 1: V.1 to V.2 Crash types mapping
Full document (XLS) Pedestrian (PDF) Bicyclist (PDF)