More Health Resources

CDC Transportation Recommendations

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
These policy recommendations include promoting active transportation options, such as walking and bicycling, for improving health and quality of life.
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Physical Activity and Children and Adolescents

Source: Georgetown University Maternal and Child Health Library
This resource outlines high-quality resources that analyze data, describe public health campaigns and other promotion programs, and report on research aimed at identifying strategies for increasing physical activity.
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Get Fit on Route 66

Source: American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Convert your physical activity minutes to miles as you take a virtual journey down this legendary highway.
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Step Up to Better Health

Source: American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
A motivating 10 week walking program designed to boost daily activity.
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Bicycling and Walking in the US 2010 Benchmarking Report

Source: Alliance for Biking & Walking
The Benchmarking Project is an on-going effort to collect and analyze data on bicycling and walking in all 50 states and the 51 largest U.S. cities.
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Active Design Guidelines

Source: NYC Department of Design and Construction
Provides architects and urban designers with a manual of strategies for creating healthier buildings, streets and urban spaces, based on the latest academic research and best practices in the field.
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The Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP)

Source: Federal Highway Administration
This program is providing 25 million dollars each to four communities to demonstrate how improved walking and bicycling networks can increase rates of walking and bicycling.
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Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: urban land transport

Source: The Lancet
Comparative Risk Assessment methods were used to estimate the health effects of alternative urban land transport scenarios for two settings -- London, UK, and Delhi, India.
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Cycling and the Built Environment

Source: Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment
This study uses primary data on the cycling behavior of randomly sampled respondents in urbanized King County, Washington, and parcel-level GIS measures of land use and infrastructure conditions.
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Walking and Bicycling

Source: American Journal of Health Promotion
A review of all published environmental audit instruments was conducted to provide a foundation for developing more valid and efficient audit tools.
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