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Operational Defintions of Walkable Neighborhood

Source: Journal of Physical Activity & Health
This study presents objectively measured environmental attributes of self-defined walkable neighborhoods, obtained from multivariate analyses of self-reported walking behavior, neighborhood perception,
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On the Move: by Foot

Source: Department for Transport
This document suggests how we might both improve conditions for walking and increase the number of journeys made on foot.
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Colorado Bicycling Manual

Source: Colorado Department of Transportation Bicycle/Pedestrian Program
This compendium of bicycling information is designed to encourage the use of bicycles by providing information about bicycling in Colorado to make it an easy, safe, and satisfying experience.
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Walking and Cycling International Literature Review

Source: Victoria Department of Transport
This report presents the findings from a literature review aiming to help professionals understand barriers to walking and cycling as well as infrastructure and policy supports for nonmotorized transportation.
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World Health Day 2010

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)
For World Health Day 2010, cities around the world will use the Ciclovia model to close their streets to traffic and promote physical and mental health activities. Ciclovia means "bicycle path&
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Sidewalk Planning: A GIS-Based Approach

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
A custom GIS-based toolset was developed to accurately identify potential sidewalk construction and maintenance projects, score and prioritize these projects using weighted comparisons, and provide cost estimates.
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Walking, Cycling, and Obesity Rates in Europe, North America, and Australia

Source: Journal of Physical Activity and Health
This study was designed to examine the relationship between active transportation and obesity rates in different countries.
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The Role of Public Policies in Promoting the Safety, Convenience, and Popularity of Cycling

Source: World Transport Policy and Practice
This article is a response to the critique by Heath Maddox that was published in the special issue on bicycling of WTPP (Volume 7, Number 3).
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Guide to Promoting Bicycling on Federal Lands

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
This report provides guidance to Federal land managers on how to promote bicycling.
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Active Living by Design - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Source: Active Living by Design
Archived presentations hosted by Active Living by Design
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