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Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids

Source: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
This report details research regarding the state of schools, current active living policies and programs, and ways to improve the health of all students.
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Estimating the Economic Benefits of Bicycling and Bicycle Facilities: An Interpretive Review and Proposed Methods

Source: Essays on Transportation Economics
The purpose of this paper is to review and interpret existing literature that evaluates the economic benefits of bicycle facilities and suggest strategies for evaluating economic benefits in future work.
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Development and Public Health: Could Our Development Patterns Be Affecting Our Personal Health?

Source: Urban Land
This paper looks at the impact that land-use decisions have on public health.
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Creating More Walkable Communities

Source: New Jersey Department of Transportation
This presentation discusses the health and community benefits of walking, illustrates the barriers to walking, and suggests strategies to use in order to create a more walkable community.
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Creating a Healthy Environment: The Impact of the Built Environment on Public Health

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This report looks at the impact that land-use decisions have on public health. "In this monograph, [the authors] decisions, discuss how they affect our health, and offer some suggestions on how public health professionals can collaborate with their colleagues in land-
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Community Design: A Toolkit for Building Physical Activity Into Daily Life

Source: University of Minnesota Metropolitan Design Center
This community tool kit helps community members work towards a building a healthier community that provides the opportunity to incorporate physical activity into every day life.
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Can Pedestrian-friendly Planning Encourage Us to Walk?

Source: UC Berkeley Traffic Safety Center
This online article discusses the effect of pedestrian-friendly design on the number of pedestrians in a community and summarizes recent research related to healthm, urban design, and pedestrian safety.
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Bike and Pedestrian Projects: Best Practices in New Jersey and Beyond

Source: Transportation Policy Institute
This presentation shows examples of good pedestrian and bicycle design in New Jersey. It discusses the need for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and the impact that walkable designs have on public health.
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Bicycle Media Outreach Kit

Source: California Department of Health Services
This outreach kit provides information on creating a media campaign for promoting helmet use by bicyclists.
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Atlas of Injury Mortality

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This report is intended for use as a reference tool for public health professionals and decision makers who are interested in reducing injuries among Native American children and youth.
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