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Measuring Walking and Cycling Using the PABS (Pedestrian and Bicycling Survey) Approach

Source: Mineta Transportation Institute
This project developed a low-budget survey method and related sampling strategy for communities to easily, affordably, and reliably document the amount of local walking and cycling happening among residents.
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Walking and Cycling for Healthy Cities

Source: Built Environment
Walking and cycling are the healthiest ways to get around our cities, providing valuable physical activity for people on a daily basis.
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The Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016

Source: Australian Bicycle Council
The NCS 2011-16 sets out a framework of six key priorities: cycling promotion, infrastructure and facilities, integrated planning, safety, monitoring and evaluation, and guidance and best practice
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Smart Growth Implementation Assistance in Teton County, Idaho

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
The towns of Victor and Driggs applied for assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency's Smart Growth Implementation Assistance (SGIA) program which provides direct technical assistance to state and local governments.
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Check it out! Cargo Bike Library Takes Off in Sydney, Australia

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
Program providing rental cargo bicycles and trailers to Sydney residents at a low cost.
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Benefits of Complete Streets

Source: National Complete Streets Coalition
A series of fact sheets covering topics such as economic revitalization, climate change, and health and the benefits of complete streets.
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Evaluating the Impact of Neighborhood Trail Development on Active Travel Behavior and Overall Physical Activity of Suburban Residents

Source: Transportation Research Board
In this pilot project, a longitudinal design is used to assess a trail construction impact on active travel behavior and overall physical activity among suburban residents.
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New York City's Summer Streets

Source: New York City, New York
New York City's Summer Streets program that showcased car-free streets several days during the summer.
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Communities Benefit! The Social and Economic Benefits of Transportation Enhancements

Source: National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse
This report showcases ten outstanding Transportation Enhancements projects from around the country, highlighting economic and social impacts on local communities.
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Demographical Changes of European Society and its Impact on Walking and Accessibility of Elderly

Source: Transport Research Centre Brno
Many older people make their journeys by walking however, pedestrian casualty rates are much higher among people over 60 compared with younger adults.
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