More Performance Measurement Resources

Any Road, Any Mode: Guide to the Transportation Data Revolution

Source: StreetLight
Describes how to get metrics for all roads, all modes, at all times, and why this granular data is necessary for today’s infrastructure needs. Shares how to plan smarter and more cost-effective networks.
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Development of a Comprehensive Approach for Serious Traffic Crash Injury Measurement and Reporting Systems

Source: National Cooperative Highway Research Program
Presents a roadmap for states to develop comprehensive crash-related data linkage systems with special attention to measuring serious injuries in crashes.
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Measuring Accessibility: Guidance for Practitioners

Source: State Smart Transportation Initiative
Demonstrates ways to apply accessibility metrics to decisions, such as transportation project selection and land use suitability analysis.
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The Transit Analyst Toolbox: Analysis and Approaches for Reporting, Communicating, and Examining Transit Data

Source: TRB
Describes how transit agencies manage, store, analyze, and govern their transit service data based on a literature review, industry survey, and case examples.
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Walk This Way: New Data for Pedestrian Safety

Source: StreetLight Data
Research report shares helpful ways to analyze pedestrian safety metrics.
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Practices for Selecting Pedestrian and Bicycle Projects

Source: Transportation Research Board
State departments of transportation (DOTs) conduct planning and administer funding programs for the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle projects.
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FHWA’s Human Factors Biannual Highlight

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Winter 2021 summary of research and resources from the FHWA Human Factors Team.
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Advancing research in transportation and public health: A selection of twenty project ideas from a U.S. research roadmap

Source: Journal of Transport & Health
Builds on advancing research in transportation and public health by highlighting 20 priority research needs from the NCHRP Research Roadmap for Transportation and Public Health.
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Traffic Analysis and Intersection Considerations to Inform Bikeway Selection

Source: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Informs trade-off decisions associated with bikeway selection at intersections.
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Cycling for Sustainable Cities

Source: Ralph Buehler and John Pucher; MIT Press
Book analyzes cycling trends and policies, and provides practical lessons for making cycling safe, practical, and convenient for everyone and for most trip purposes.
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