Past Paper Awards

The purpose of the Pedestrian Committee Outstanding Paper Award is to recognize outstanding papers submitted each year, to identify the papers that deserve further recognition by TRB, and to encourage more researchers and practitioners to submit high quality papers.

2020 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Pedestrian Injuries in North Carolina, 2007-2012: A Comparative Analysis Using Police, Emergency Department, and Death Certificate Data Sources

Authors: Laura Sandt, Scott Proescholdbell, Kelly Evenson, Susan Ennett, Whitney Robinson, Daniel RodrĂ­guez, Katherine Harmon, Stephen Marshall

The Power of User Perception on Pedestrian Quality of Service

Authors: Alvaro Rodriguez-Valencia, German A. Barrero, Hernan Alberto Ortiz-Ramirez, Jose Agustin Vallejo-Borda

2017 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

What are the most important factors for pedestrian level of service estimation? A systematic review of the literature (18-03950)

Authors: Nowar Raad and Matthew Burke

Walkability: Which measure to choose, where to measure it and how?

Authors: Gabriel Lefebvre-Ropars and Catherine Morency

2016 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Measuring Walking Accessibility in Metropolitan Areas

Authors: Tayebeh Saghapour, Sara Moridpour, and Russel Thompson

Factors Affecting Driver Yielding Compliance on College Campuses: An Evaluation of 31 Uncontrolled Midblock Crosswalks on Low Speed Roadways in Michigan

Authors: Steven Stapleton, Trevor Kirsch, Timothy Gates, and Peter Savolainen


2015 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Achieving Vision Zero: A Data-Driven Investment Strategy for Eliminating Pedestrian Fatalities on a Citywide Level

Authors: Chava Kronenberg, Lucas Woodward, Brooke DuBose, and Dana Weissman


2014 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Closed Course Study of Driver Detection of Pedestrians Beyond Flashing Beacons with a Sign Assembly

Authors: Kay Fitzpatrick, James Robertson and Raul Avelar

Patricia F. Waller Award: The Effects of High Visibility Enforcement on Driver Compliance to Pedestrian Yield Right-of-Way Laws
Authors: Ron Van Houten, Louis Malenfant, Brad Huitema, Richard Blomberg


Bernardo Kleiner recognizes Shawn Turner for his service as Chair of the Pedestrian Committee


2013 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Design and Development of a National Pedestrian Control Guide
Authors: Jeannette Montafur
The Effects of High Visibility Enforcement on Driver Compliance to Pedestrian Yield Right-of-Way Laws
Authors: Ron Van Houten, Louis Malenfant, Brad Huitema, Richard Blomberg

2012 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

How Common is Pedestrian Travel To, From, and Within Shopping Districts?
Authors: Robert Schneider, Swati Pande
Visibility of Pedestrian Signals by Pedestrians with Varying Levels of Vision
Authors: Alan Scott, Katherine Atkins, Billie Louise Bentzen, Janet Barlow


2011 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Field Evaluation of Automatic Detectors in Cold Temperatures
Authors: Jeannette Montufar, Jonathan Foord

2010 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Automated Analysis of Pedestrian-Vehicle Conflicts: Context for Before-and-After Studies
Authors: Karim Ismail, Tarek Sayed, Nicolas Saunier

2009 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Safety Effectiveness of HAWK Signals
Authors: Kay Fitzpatrick and Eun Sug Park

2008 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Evaluation of the Miami-Dade Pedestrian Safety Demonstration Project
Authors: Charles V. Zegeer, Richard Blomberg, David Henderson, Scott Masten, Lauren Marchetti, Yingling Fan, Laura Sandt, Austin Brown, Jane Stutts, and Libby Thomas

2007 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Evaluating Deficiencies in Florida Pedestrian Crash Report Data
Authors: Isaac Wootton and Lisa Spainhour
How Far, by Which Route, and Why?  A Spatial Analysis of Pedestrian Preference
Authors: Marc Schlossberg, Asha Weinstein, Katja Irvin, and Vanessa Bekkouche

2006 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Development of an Intersection Prioritization Tool for Accessible Pedestrian Signal Installation
Authors: Daniel L. Carter, David L. Harkey, Janet M. Barlow, Billie Louise Bentzen
Motorist Yielding to Pedestrians at Unsignalized Intersections: Findings from a National Study on Improving Pedestrian Safety
Authors: Shawn Turner, Kay Fitzpatrick, Marcus Brewer, and Eun Sug Park

2005 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Determination of Pedestrian Pushbutton Activation Duration at Typical Signalized Intersection
Authors: David A. Noyce and Billie Louise Bentzen
Level-of-Service Model for Pedestrians at Signalized Intersections
Authors: Theodore Anton Petrisch, Bruce William Landis, Peyton Stewart McLeod, Herman Fu Huang, Srikalyan Challa, and Martin Guttenplan

2004 Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Why People Cross Where They Do: The Role of Street Environment
Authors: Xuehao Chu, Martin Guttenplan, and Mike Baltes
An Analytical Framework for Prioritizing Bicycle and Pedestrian Investments: New Jersey's Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update, Phase 2
Authors: Andrew R. Swords, Lois M. Goldman, William Feldman, Theodore F. Ehrlich, William J. Bird, Jr.