Six middle school students cross a street using a crosswalk during an educational pop-up demonstration.

Quick-Build Case Study

Details a quick-build project near an Atlanta middle school and offers insights to engage community and improve safety for youth.

A family holds hands and gets ready to cross a street with high-vehicle traffic at an unsignalized intersection without a crosswalk. A bicyclist with an extended cargo attachment is also trying to cross the busy road perpendicular to traffic.

Webinar Series: Pedestrian Safety on Urban Arterials

Shares key findings and recommendations from a research study on Australasian approaches to improve pedestrian safety on urban, signalized arterial roadways.

Research Roadmap for Transportation and Public Health

Builds upon existing resources that focus on the intersection of transportation and public health and provides a plan for funding research over the next decade that better aligns these topics for improved outcomes.


Find flexible design guidance

The Design Resource Index helps agencies navigate different guides, standards and resources for designing walkable, bikeable streets.