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Rails-with-Trails: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

August 19, 2021
This webinar will explore a new report from the US Department of Transportation and share findings,
recommendations, and lessons learned.


Student Research to Advance Mobility Justice

September 1, 2021
This webinar will showcase research on topics related to transportation and mobility justice.

Recent Webinars

Planning Multimodal Networks in a Connected and Automated Future
7/12/2021 | Presented by : Stefanie Brodie, PhD, Toole Design Group; Katie Heuser, Toole Design Group; Dan Goodman, FHWA

Pedestrian Safety on Arterial Streets
6/15/2021 | Presented by : Dan Goodman, Toole Design; Thomas Hillman, Toole Design; Dr. Carey McAndrews, University of Wisconsin

Improving Traffic Signals for Bicycling and Walking
6/9/2021 | Presented by : Darren Buck, FHWA; Eddie Curtis, FHWA; Peter Koonce, Portland, OR; Peter Furth, Northeastern University

Re-envisioning School Streets as Part of Pandemic Recovery
5/25/2021 | Presented by : Nancy Pullen-Seufert, UNC HSRC; Rachel Buck, Transport for London; Lauren Hassel, Arlington (VA) Public Schools, Ashley Rhead, Seattle DOT

Statewide Action Plans for Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety
4/13/2021 | Presented by : Elissa Goughnour, VHB; Dan Gelinne, UNC HSRC; Christina McDaniel-Wilson, Oregon DOT; Nick Foster, Kittelson and Associates; Mark Cole, Virginia DOT

The Basics of Bikeway Selection at Intersections and with Parking
4/7/2021 | Presented by : Tamara Redmon, FHWA; Lauren Blackburn, VHB; Dan Goodman, Toole Design; Jared Draper, Toole Design

Improving Safety with Bicyclist and Pedestrian Road Safety Audits
1/6/2021 | Presented by : Tamara Redmon, FHWA; Elissa Goughnour, VHB; Dan Gelinne, UNC HSRC; Rachel Carpenter, Caltrans; Terra Reed, City of Albuquerque

PBIC Health and Transportation Webinar Series
10/13-28/2020 | Five-part webinar series held in October will explore the integration of health in transportation planning and practices.

MPO and DOT Partnership for Complete Streets Projects
7/29/2020 | Presented by: Ricardo Gutierrez, Broward MPO; Brad Salisbury, Florida Department of Transportation; Stephanie Garcia, Broward MPO

Going Dutch: Translating Dutch Cycling Ideas to an American Context
7/28/2020 | Presented by: Janette Sadik–Khan, Bloomberg Associates; Ambassador André Haspels, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Washington D.C.; Darren Buck, Federal Highway Administration; Chris Bruntlett, Dutch Cycling Embassy; Bill Nesper, League of American Bicyclists; Will Handsfield, District Department of Transportation; Nathan Wilkes, City of Austin

Evaluating Road Diets: Recent Research and Case Studies
7/7/2020 | Presented by: Peter Ohlms, Virginia DOT; Lance Dougald, Virginia DOT; John Bolecek, Virginia DOT; Nicole Wynands, Fairfax County DOT; Christine Mayeur, City of Alexandria

Developing and Delivering Pedestrian Safety Projects
6/4/2020 | Presented by: Becky Crowe, Federal Highway Administration; Brian Mayhew, North Carolina Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Unit; Jed Niffenegger, City of Raleigh Transportation Department

STEP UP Campaign for Pedestrian Safety
5/27/2020 | Presented by: Becky Crowe, Federal Highway Administration; Wayne Emington, FHWA Maine Division Office; Patrick Adams, Maine Department of Transportation

Quick Build Networks for All: Part II
5/20/2020 | Presented by: Alia Anderson, Toole Design; John Brazil, City of San Jose; Peter Bennett, City of San Jose; Matthew Dyrdahl, City of Minneapolis

Quick Build Networks for All: Part I
5/19/2020 | Presented by: Alia Anderson, Toole Design; Amar Mohite, Director of Planning and Infrastructure for Precinct One, Harris County, TX

Enhancing Mobility, Access and Safety for Pedestrians: Part II
4/30/2020 | Presented by: Donna Smith, Sound Transit; Janet Barlow, Accessible Design for the Blind; Beezy Bentzen, Accessible Design for the Blind; Robert Wall Emerson, Western Michigan University

Enhancing Mobility, Access and Safety for Pedestrians: Part I
4/28/2020 | Presented by: Elizabeth Hilton, FHWA; Janet Barlow, Accessible Design for the Blind; Robert Wall Emerson, Western Michigan University

Considerations for Selecting Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Locations
4/22/2020 | Presented by: Bill Stone, Arizona Department of Transportation; Mike Cynecki, Lee Engineering; Mailen Pankiewicz, City of Phoenix

Improving Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in Work Zones
12/4/2019 | Presented by: Patrick Gomez, FHWA; Martha Kapitanov, FHWA; Melissa Anderson, Consultant; Matthew Marcou, DOT

Teaching Bicycle and Pedestrian Topics to University Students
10/18/2019 | Presented by: Kristen Brookshire, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; Kari Watkins, Georgia Tech; Tab Combs, UNC Chapel Hill

Improving Intersection Safety for All Road Users
7/26/2019 | Presented by: Jeff Shaw, FHWA; Karina Ricks, City of Pittsburgh; Carl Sundstrom, New York City DOT; Bastian Schroeder, Kittleson and Associates

Creating Active Routes to Everyday Destinations
5/2/2019 | Presented by: Ken Rose and Chris Kochtitzky, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; TJ McCourt, City of Raleigh Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources

Creating Age-Friendly Streets - Part 2
4/29/2019 | Presented by: Jana Lynott, AARP; James Shahamiri, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Creating Age-Friendly Streets - Part 1
4/22/2019 | Presented by: Bill Armbruster, AARP; Laurie Beck, CDC; Tim Platts-Mills, UNC Department of Emergency Medicine

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Bikeway Selection Guides
3/26/2019 | Presented by: Tamara Redmon, FHWA; Bill Schultheiss, Toole Design; and Lauren Blackburn, VHB

Planning for Pedestrian Safety: Leveraging FHWA Resources and Local Partnerships to Improve Pedestrian Crossings
3/5/2019 | Presented by: Becky Crowe, Federal Highway Administration; Lauren Blackburn, VHB; Sagar Shah, American Planning Association; Kerry Wilcoxon, Arizona Department of Transportation; Kristen Brookshire, UNC Highway Safety Research Center

Funding and Evaluating Systemic Safety Improvements for Pedestrians
3/5/2019 | Presented by: Karen Scurry, Federal Highway Administration; Elissa Goughnour, VHB; Tracy Turpin, Virginia Department of Transportation

Designing for Bicyclist Safety
1/22/2019 | Presented by: Brooke Struve, Federal Highway Administration.

Strategies for Accelerating Multimodal Project Delivery
10/31/2018 | Presented by: Cadmus, Kittelson and Associates, Federal Highway Administration, and UNC Highway Safety Research Center.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
10/30/2018 | Presented by: Duane Thomas, Federal Highway Administration; and Megan McCarty Graham, Toole Design Group.

Preventing Left-Turn Crashes Involving Pedestrians
10/25/2018 | Presented by: Libby Thomas, UNC Highway Safety Research Center; David Hurwitz, Oregon State University; Chris Monsere, Portland State University; Bradley Topol, Seattle Department of Transportation.

Lighting Strategies to Improve Pedestrian Safety and Walkability
10/17/2018 | Presented by: Frank Markowitz and Adam Smith, San Francisco Muncipal Transportation Agency; James Le, Seattle Department of Transportation; Ronald Gibbons, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.


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